Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Brighton Bitch vs. Fleet Street Fox: a feminist rant

by Alison Hipkin.

It's been two days since Fleet Street Fox paid students of Brighton Journalist Works a visit and the common room is still full of discussions about her.

Fleet Street Fox, also known as Susie Boniface, spoke candidly about her experiences as a journalist with a speech full of expletives designed to shock.

Her casual use of the word “Twat”, stories about Jagermeister and the utterance of “c*nt” seemed to be used to create the image that she was ballsy, direct and tough; displaying the hardened characteristics that we expect from journalists. She appeared as a woman whose demeanour has been moulded by the industry in which she works. In fact, her attitude to her experiences seemed altogether masculine, largely unfeeling with only a figure-hugging dress and pair of heels to attest to her femininity.

However, Ms Boniface is not the only female writer to adopt such an attitude. For Christmas I was given How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran, a book which I'm admittedly still reading. Entertaining as it may be, it can also feel like you’re stuck in a feminist lecture. Being new to Twitter I decided to follow Ms Moran whose information reads: “writing the f*ck out of shit since 1992”.

I can’t help thinking that this more abrupt attitude/appearance may have been adopted as a method of survival in an unforgiving industry. 

And with the BBC today reporting that the number of women in employment has increased to 67% whilst the number of men has decreased to 76%, I can’t help worrying that the work place is sucking femininity out of us.

I’m not suggesting that women lose the freedom of 'F'-ing and blinding whenever they feel like it but surely you can get respect from men in the work place without adopting such an abrupt and crass attitude.

What happened to feminine grace?

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