Monday, 30 September 2013

FitBitch Bootcamp empowers women to ‘Run the World'

by Adele Norris.

Brighton-based FitBitch Bootcamp has been running a range of women's exercises in locations across Brighton from boxercising on the bandstand to jogging on the seafront.

Now the company is offering women a bespoke city-break with the chance to explore sites of interest whilst running in an international race, and even enjoy cocktails afterwards.

Rachael Woolston, founder of FitBitch Boot Camp, said: “I wanted to create a camp that would empower women, not just focus on losing weight. So far we’ve been to Lisbon; we’re off to Amsterdam in October; and next year we’re going to Marrakech and Istanbul.”

The boot camp is a community of women, run by female coaches who inspire each other and prove exercise can be fun.

Earlier this year Ms Woolston ran the Standard Charter Mumbai Marathon in 32 degree heat, finishing in 3 hours and 55 minutes. She came first in the women’s veteran category.

Ms Woolston said that finishing without anyone to celebrate with was an anti-climax though, so she hopes Girls Run the World will empower more women to enter international races. She believes it will give them a chance to see the world and celebrate together.

Women of any age are welcome at FitBitch, with a variety of one-off drop-in sessions to four-week camps. There’s even a FitMuthas class where children are welcome while mums work out.
Ms Woolston said: “A lot of women think ‘I have to do this to lose weight,’ but that’s wrong. You can find something you enjoy and you can do it with people you enjoy being with.”
You can check out Ms Woolston’s blog for training tips, food thoughts and gear reviews.
To find out where the next boot camp is, or for more information about Girls Run the World, visit the FitBitch Boot Camp website.

Ms Woolston concluded: “My biggest achievement is helping women see being fit and active is for anyone with any shape and from any background.’
Follow Rachael Woolston on Twitter @FitBitchUK.

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