Monday, 21 October 2013

A random walk through the Brighton Museum

by Tom Irving.

The lack of an entrance fee at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery proves decent value for money as its array of pic’n’mix exhibitions seem eager to appease rather than captivate.

The large amount of displays the museum offers is confusing and off-putting as the exhibition seems intent on trying to keep the attention of its audience with minor glimpses at corners of history and very flattering, albeit fleeting, portraits of Brighton and Hove.

One display’s offerings are of a more puzzling nature: items posing as 5,000 year old Saxon artefacts found at Whitehawk include a tape measure wrapped in electrical tape, a spirit level and a bag of screws (pictured).

Photographs by Charlotte Schroeter

‘Jelly tots and a hot water bottle’ is a great answer to the museum’s question of what to take with you to the afterlife. These answers are written on a note and placed upon a board by visitors providing the highlight to an otherwise lacklustre trip.

The museum itself gives the faint impression of disinterest as all of the exhibitions suffer from a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss it’.

As soon as one exhibition begins, it gains momentum and interest and is then rudely interrupted by the next.

The museum offers bite-size showings of history, one moment you can be learning the evolution of man through the ice age and then be thrust into the recent evolution of Brighton’s gay scene.

Doing this, however, makes the random, quick-fire displays seem confusing, apathetic and unsatisfying, which is unfortunately a constant thought when visiting Brighton Museum & Art Gallery.

For more information, visit Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

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