Friday, 14 March 2014

Foggy front frustrates Brighton

by Jian Farhoumand.

A huge fog continued its reign of misery across Brighton seafront today.

The fog first descended yesterday to the detriment of local tourism and business, forcing the Brighton Wheel to close several hours early due to poor customer numbers.

The miserable mist rolling off the Channel is in stark contrast to the sunny weather that Brighton experienced last week.

This morning the fog was still in place and stubbornly remained throughout the day.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Nerding-out with Brighton Science Festival

by George Ward.

Photograph by Idil Sukan/Draw HQ

Festival of the Spoken Nerd’s new tour ‘Full Frontal Nerdity’ is both as witty and as nerdy as its name suggests it will be.

The show at The Old Market, Brighton, was full of fascinating science disseminated hilariously to an audience as nerdy as the crowd at Comic Con is geeky but with fewer Superhero costumes.

From Paul Simon to spreadsheets, lots of spreadsheets, the three wonderful comedian come scientists deliver jokes and knowledge over a wide range of subjects that only a specific crowd would enjoy.

The lucky audience learn how the whole universe is a meta-spreadsheet, why beads fall from a jar and which colour doesn’t really exist.

Those who weren’t nerds sat quietly through the show with their partners or friends and learnt more about their counterparts than maybe they expected while the real nerds laughed and applauded.

The trio are Matt Parker, the UK’s only stand-up mathematician, Helen Arney, who sings science based songs with the “voice of an angle” and Steve Mould their resident experimenter.

As they say themselves, if you like The Big Bang Theory and QI you will like this show. Similarly if you love Excel and reading mathematical proofs for kicks, you’ll probably find yourself in like-minded company.

The tour continues at various locations in the UK until 1st April. More information is available at