Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games, Brighton Centre, 2–5 April

by Gemma Hicks-Logan.

This ambitious Irish dance spectacle featured a 40 strong cast, directed by Michael Flatley, who made a guest appearance; amongst his last in the UK and Ireland.
A hybrid of traditional and contemporary dance, the power, precision and collective talent of the ensemble was remarkable as they made fast, complicated footwork look easy.
The simplistic plot followed Little Spirit’s travels to help the Lord of the Dance battle the Dark Lord. This battle of good versus evil played out like Riverdance’s greatest hits.
Odd projections of unicorns, rainbows and flames were at times more amusing than creatively intended, but the talented dancers quickly regained the focus.
Singers and fiddlers provided musical interlude during costume changes. They were charmingly performed but felt superfluous to the main event.
Flatley performed with the cast for the dazzling finale and was met with rapturous applause. At the age of 56, he still had electrifying stage presence and never missed a beat in a complex blur of hypnotic steps.

A routine by three dancing holograms of Flatley followed, which was innovative but disconnecting. It would have been better to see him dance alongside and interact with them.

Nevertheless, this high-octane show took Irish dancing to another level.